Weather Model Forecast for Portugal from November 23, 2020 to November 26, 2020

What will the weather be like in the coming days in  Portugal?

Find out how the weather models assess the current weather situation in #Portugal Is there a threat of a storm or storm? Will there be snow or a lot of rain in the coming days? In the model animations shown here you can see the following models.

The weather model ICON-EU is calculated for #Europe. It has a very high resolution of 7×7 kilometers for weather models. Weather models divide the calculation area into a grid, where in this case the weather is calculated for each cell with a resolution of 7×7 kilometers. The big advantage is that geographical features, such as mountains, can be identified better than in many other weather models with a significantly poorer resolution of, for example, only 28×28 kilometers.

Significant weather model – This #parameter shows the significant #weather on the selected date. No clouds are displayed here, only different types of precipitation, such as rain, snow or #freezing #rain and fog. You can see this in more detail in the legend under the map. If the map is dark gray, no significant weather is calculated.

Wind/Storm – This parameter shows the calculated #wind gusts in km / h on the selected date.

Accumulated rainfall – This parameter shows the total amount of #precipitation in mm (= liters / sqm) from the first date, i.e. from the start of the model run, to the selected date. All types of precipitation are included here, including #snow, sleet, hail or #freezing rain.

Airmass – In our air mass overview you can easily see the #properties of the predicted air masses. Air mass boundaries such as warm fronts, #cold fronts and mixed fronts (occlusion) can be made out particularly well here.Air masses are not only characterized by their temperature but also by the energy stored in the air in the form of moisture (latent heat). Our air mass overview is based on the so-called Theta-E at 850 hPa level. If this Theta-E value is very high, one also speaks of high-energy air masses. These high-energy air masses are an indicator of hot and humid air and are therefore also used in thunderstorm #forecasting apart from front analysis.


A level 1 has been issued for parts of Portugal and NW Spain mainly for severe convective wind gusts.

A blocking high affects the largest part of the continent with strong subsidence, lack of precipitation, and unseasonably high temperatures. Lower geopotentials are found in the southern and eastern parts of the #Mediterranean where storms are expected, but mostly offshore. Over the N Atlantic a long-wave trough is forming and moves fast east towards the western coasts of Europe where #DMC events may develop.As the trough approaches the Iberian Peninsula from the west during the night on Tue 24/11, a well-defined surface cold front will be the main triggering mechanism for #thunderstorm development. #CAPE is rather low in most NWP model outputs, lower than 500 J/kg and mostly confined below the #freezing level, but storms that will succeed to reach the coasts will be able to produce severe wind guts. The 850 hPa wind field is strong and locally will exceed 15 m/s, increasing the threat for winds to be translated to the surface during storms. The level-1 threat area will be in the cold sector of the front by the early morning on Wed 25/11 when the conditions will be favorable for waterspouts close to the coasts.

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