Weather Forecast for Sweden 30-11-2020

Overcast, passing precipitation and slippery

November ends with mostly #cloudy and cold weather in many parts of the country. A front passes east over the #country and with the cold air over us, snow or wet snow is expected all the way down over southern #Götaland. From southeastern #Norrland and south, it first falls as rain. The rain can then be subcooled or fall on cold roads and cause slippery road conditions.

Sunny Tuesday in the north, clouds in the south

The night before Tuesday, the front moves away east from Norrland and behind it clears up to be a sunny and cold day, although some clouds may linger over northernmost Norrland and in the mountains and here with snow villages. Over #Svealand it slowly clears up from the northwest during the day, even if the precipitation subsides earlier. The precipitation over Götaland also decreases more and more on Tuesday, but here the clouds are still lingering.


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