Switzerland: High risk of flooding from heavy rain! – 24h, output: 6:00 a.m.

Note on the risk of #flooding, level red: In this region there is currently a high risk of flooding from heavy rain. An average rainfall of 65 l / m² was recorded in the last 24 hours. Up to 118 l / m² of precipitation fell at certain points.

Affected locations: Acquarossa, Agno, Agra, #Airolo, Ascona, Astano, Aurigeno, Avegno, Bignasco, Bioggio, Bironico, Bodio, Breno, Brione, Brissago, Cadempino, Cadenazzo, Cancori, Cannero Riviera, Cannobio, Cavaglio-Spoccia, Cavergno, Cevio, Chiggiogna, #Chironico, Colmegna, Contone, Craveggia, Cugnasco, Dongio, Druogno, Due Cossani, Dumenza, Faido, Formazza, Giornico, Giumaglio, Gonte, Gordevio, Gordola, Gravesano, Gurro, Intragna, Lavertezzo, Locarno, Longhir Lodolo , Losone, Luino, Maccagno, Magadino, Maggia, Malesco, #Massagno, Mergoscia, Miglieglia, Minusio, Moghegno, Novaggio, Piazzogna, Pino sulla Sponda del Lago Maggiore, Ponto Valentino, Poppino, Prato, Re, Ronco, San Nazzaro, Santa Maria Maggiore, Sessa, Sigirino, Someo, Sorengo, Toceno, Torre, Veddasca, Verscio, Villette, Vira

Roads in certain areas and, in isolated cases, also lower-lying villages can be flooded and cellars can also fill up here. Streams, smaller rivers anyway, can swell and cause flooding. Occasional landslides are possible in the mountains. Larger rivers in the catchment area of the rainfall can also lead to greatly increased water levels. Please follow the instructions carefully, because persistent and heavy #rainfall can aggravate the situation and raise the warning to violet!


Be sure to stay away from smaller streams and rivers
– Do not drive through flooded streets and underpasses
– If possible, cross streets that are not flooded, even low water levels can carry people away when the current is high
– Do not go into the cellar if water leaks
– Go to higher areas / floors if the water levels of streams and rivers rise sharply



Last Updated on 05/12/2020 – 6:08 by EuropeWeather24

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