Weather Model Forecast for Netherlands – December 07, 2020 to December 11, 2020

In #Zeeland locally dense fog, tonight in the east of the country there is a local change of slipperiness

In Zeeland, locally dense #fog occurs with a visibility of less than 200 meters. Tonight and tonight, locally dense fog can also form elsewhere in the country. Furthermore, in the course of the evening and at night, especially in the east, there is a risk of local #slipperiness due to the freezing of wet road sections. By mid-morning, the smoothness disappears.

Outlook for Netherlands

Initially quite cold with #temperatures a few degrees below the long-term average and dry. On Wednesday there is a high chance of (possibly persistent) fog. From Friday, the chances of precipitation will increase and the temperatures will gradually rise slightly over the weekend.

Significant weather model – This #parameter shows the significant #weather on the selected date. No clouds are displayed here, only different types of precipitation, such as rain, snow or #freezing #rain and fog. You can see this in more detail in the legend under the map. If the map is dark gray, no significant weather is calculated.


Accumulated rainfall – This parameter shows the total amount of #precipitation in mm (= liters / sqm) from the first date, i.e. from the start of the model run, to the selected date. All types of precipitation are included here, including #snow, sleet, hail or #freezing rain.

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