Italy Forecast for Tuesday 8 December. Heavy Rain and Snowfall

Forecast for Tuesday 8 December: bad weather in the Center North with heavy rains. Snowfall in the Alps

New weather phase of severe bad #weather over Italy with intense winds and abundant snow in the Alps. Intense disturbance over Italy for the Immaculate Conception. After a short and partial respite, for the Immaculate Conception we will see a new decided deterioration of the weather. In fact, another disturbance arrived at Italy (the number 3 of the month) accompanied by intense winds, rains and thunderstorms especially in the Center-North and abundant #snowfalls in the Alps, especially in the eastern sector, further complicating an already critical situation regarding traffic. And the risk of avalanches. On Wednesday 9 December the rains will become less widespread and weaker, but will persist in many areas of the North and on the Tyrrhenian side of the Peninsula.

Weather forecast for the Immaculate Conception

Tuesday very #cloudy or overcast sky in the Center-North, in #Campania and Sardinia, with widespread rains, especially in the Northeast and central regions. #Thunderstorms also of strong intensity in Sardinia, lower Tuscany, #Lazio and Campania. Snow in the Western Alps and #Ligurian Apennines up to hilly altitudes, snowfall over 500-800 meters in the rest of the Alps, at higher altitudes in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and in the central sector. In the second part of the day it also worsens in the South, starting from the Tyrrhenian side.

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