Météo-France forecast from 8 to 10 December 2020

Persistence of cold weather in France

The disturbance stagnates from southwest to northeast and shifts only slowly to the east. It gives low precipitation but often continuous. The rain-snow limits vary between 700 m on the #Pyrenees, 300 m on the west and north of the Massif Central, 900 m on the Cévennes side, and as far as the plain on the Grand Est. The quantities are low, a few cm of snow in the North-East, 5 to 10 in the Massif Central except in its south-eastern part, 10 to 20 in the Pyrenees which are added to the large quantities of the previous days. There is a layer of 50 cm from 1800 m altitude on the west of the chain. The Alps are also snow-capped, but the daytime weather is dry in the Northern Alps, light snowfall does not occur until the following night.

In the South-East, the weather is cloudy and rainy during the day.

The rain-snow limit is between 800 and 1000 m in the southern Alps, we expect a few cm. At the end of the day the wind strengthens. The tramontane blows in gusts at 60/70 km / h in general, locally 80/90 on the coast. The #mistral also strengthens in the evening. In the west of the country, the weather is cold but improving. On the Channel and #Atlantic facades the sky is very heavy with #showers, they are frequent and sometimes stormy in the Landes and the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. From the Belgian border to the interior of New Aquitaine, the sky is low and gray in the morning with #freezing fogs.

The greyness is difficult to tear during the day, drizzle is triggered in places. The minimum temperatures range from -2 to +2 degrees over a large northern half, from 2 to 6 in the southwest to the #Mediterranean. The maximums vary between 3 and 7 degrees North and North-East in Les Lapes and the Massif Central, between 7 and 11 in the Atlantic and Mediterranean regions, and between 10 and 14 and #Corsica.

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