Weather Forecast for France December 09 2020

From the Alps to the Vosges, the sky is blocked all day with small #snowfalls at very low altitude. Beware of the risk of refreezing in places. It also snows in the Pyrenees, intermittently, from 700 m. Only the Eastern #Pyrenees like the entire Mediterranean rim enjoys sunny #weather in return for a fairly strong tramontane and mistral, reaching peaks at 80 / 100 km / h. In Corsica and sometimes as far as the Côte d’Azur, the weather is also agitated with a lot of clouds, a few showers, a little snow from 1100 m and a sensitive west wind.

Elsewhere, the day is calmer, with a lot of greynesses, a few patches of fog, a little rain or even a few flakes and a few morning frosts to the west. Some showers are reported near the English Channel. In the west, after a few clearings, the sky is veiled then covered. At midday, rainy weather again sets in over western Brittany and then the entire #Atlantic coast in the evening with temporarily sustained rains. #Temperatures are a bit cool for the season, 1 to 3 degrees below normal for the season, both morning and #afternoon. The minimums range from -2 to +2 degrees in general, +1 to +6 degrees by the sea. The #maximums range from 2 to 6 degrees in the eastern half, 7 to 13 in the west and near the Mediterranean.

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