Italy: still severe weather in the Center South, better in the North with variability

Thursday 10 December and partial respite of bad weather, with the last disturbance in definitive removal from Italy and humid western currents that will only bring some light #rain more than anything else on the Tyrrhenian side of the #Peninsula. The truce, however, will be short-lived. Already at the end of Thursday, the December 4 disturbance will arrive, which in any case will only involve the far south and the islands.

In the second part of Friday, another disturbed system will arrive  which then at the weekend will again bring widespread rains to the Center-South and, at least on Saturday, also to the North, with the snow that will return to whiten different areas of the #Alpine arc, although at higher altitudes than in recent days. Next week, however, it is likely that the high pressure of the North African Anti-cyclone will return to #Italy, which should therefore guarantee more stable and drier weather conditions.

Last Updated on 10/12/2020 – 5:21 by EuropeWeather24

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