Météo-France forecast from December 11 to 17, 2020

A new #Atlantic disturbance is sweeping the country. It crosses quickly the North, the Center and the South-West at the beginning of the day then shifts over the eastern half of the country around midday, giving light to moderate precipitation. It hangs out a bit on the eastern facade of the country in the afternoon and evacuates at the end of the day. On the east of the Massif Central, the #rain-snow limit is around 800 m in the early morning, before turning to rain.

The cold is more resistant on the #Alps, it begins to snow at the end of the morning from 400 to 600 m, then around 1000 m in the afternoon. In the Pyrenees, it is located around 2000 m in the morning then descends to 1500 m in the afternoon, showers start. We expect 20 to 50 cm of additional snow at altitude. In the North-East, the first rains arrive at the very beginning of the day and can be freezing in Lorraine and Burgundy, before warming up in the morning. Behind the front, from the start of the day in the North-West, the weather is changeable. The sky is often heavy, the clearings not very durable in general. Showers circulate, they are frequent in the South-West in particular near the #Pyrenees and are maintained in the evening. The westerly wind blows at 70 to 90 km / h on the Atlantic coast, locally 100 in Aquitaine, and 50 to 70 in the interior on the western half.

The southerly wind is also strong in the #Rhône valley. Only Corsica benefits from a dominant sun in the morning, and more temporarily the Côte d’Azur, before the arrival of light rains in the afternoon. Temperatures are rather mild for the season except in the greater east where temperatures are close to seasonal norms. The minimums range from -3 to 8 degrees in general, 9 to 13 degrees near the Atlantic. The maximums vary between 4 and 8 degrees in the Grand-Est in the Alps and in the interior of #Provence, between 9 and 13 in the north-western quarter and between 12 and 16 degrees in the southwestern quarter of the country.

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