Weather Forecast for Austria 11. December 20202

Lots of fog and high fog today and also partly deep clouds. So not all mountains protrude into the sun. It can stay cloudy all day in Central and Lower Carinthia, in the south and east of Styria, in #Burgenland, in Vienna, in the #Weinviertel and #Waldviertel regions and from the central region of Upper Austria to the Innviertel. There are significantly more opportunities for sun in the Mühlviertel, on the northern edge of the Alps and to the southwest. Gradually clouds are also coming in from Switzerland.Foehn wind from east to south takes hold. On the mountains and in the east there are also gusts of 50 km / h. The temperatures reach minus 2 to plus 7 degrees. In 2000 Meters it is minus 6 to minus 1 degrees.

Weather Tonight in Austria

In the evening it can rain or snow a little in #Vorarlberg and #Tyrol, after midnight also in Salzburg and Carinthia. Freezing rain cannot be completely ruled out either. The snow line is between 600 and 1300m altitude. From Upper #Austria to Burgenland it remains largely dry, but thick fog is to be expected in parts. In addition, lively to strong southeast winds blow in the east. The lowest #temperatures: between minus 9 degrees in places in the west and up to plus 4 degrees in the east.


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